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Springtail Soil Regeneration is dedicated to helping land owners regenerate a healthy soil microbiology. Whether you are a homeowner, farmer or landscaper we have the expertise to support you and your soil microbiology.

Who we are

Experts in soil microbiology

Springtail’s mission is to support land managers, farmers and homeowners to regenerate and maintain a healthy soil microbiology. Springtail is here to guide you with our consulting services and help you measure and monitor your progress with our microbial soil analysis service.

The Importance of Healthy Soil

All plants have evolved alongside soil organisms and depend on them for key processes like nutrient absorption and protection against disease. When we damage our soils these fragile organisms die and our plants are left weakened and malnourished. Regenerating our soil microorganisms can provide many benefits.

Balancing your soil microbiology could result in:

  • increased yields
  • resistance against pests and diseases
  • decreased water usage
  • decreased weeds
  • increased plant available nutrients
  • decreased erosion and compaction
  • resistance to drought

What we offer

Microbial Soil Testing

Be certain of the microbial community in your soil. We offer soil tests so you know exactly what is happening in your soil.

Soil consulting services

Our knowledgeable staff offer on-site and phone consultations to help answer questions and guide you towards effectively regenerating your soil microbiology

When was the last time you checked the health of your soil?

Your Soil Microorganisms

Who are they?

Healthy soils are full of microorganisms. In one tablespoon of soil there is estimated to be more than 7 billion individual organisms.

This micro-community is made up of a staggering diversity of species and it is the interactions between them that create and maintain a healthy soil.