About Springtail Soil Regeneration

We are soil experts

Springtail Soil Regeneration is dedicated to helping land managers and food producers rebuild and maintain their soil microbiology.

Our Mission is to…

  • support farmers and land managers in feeding their soil microbes
  • enable farmers to increase profits and decrease costs
  • regenerate and rebuild soil quickly
  • help food producers grow more nutrient dense produce
  • help create a more resilient, secure and regenerative local food system
  • collaborate with local business to build community
  • help food producers eliminate a dependency on chemical inputs
  • contribute to carbon sequestration and a healthier climate

How it all Started

Springtail was launched in 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by founder Karen Tomkins. She holds strong values in helping to create a more collaborative sustainable economy.

She brings these values to Springtail as the company seeks to build community, collaborate with local business, steward our environment and create local economic wealth with a purpose.

About the Founder

Karen is a soil microbiology specialist and an ecosystem management technician. She has a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from York University and a college diploma in Ecosystem Management from Sir Sanford Fleming College and is currently pursuing a Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

Digging in soil

Karen began her career working on a variety of wildlife studies across Canada. She is passionate about the intersection between food and ecology which led her to study permaculture design and to receive a certificate in Ecological Landscape Design with Gaia College. Over the years she has worked on a variety of farms from small market gardens to larger scale production facilities.

Karen - owner of Springtail Soil Regeneration

Photo: Karen Tomkins, owner/operator of Springtail Soil Regeneration.

In learning more about soil, Karen began to see how it is literally the foundation of life on earth. She began to recognize how her lifelong fascination with the natural world in combination with her desire to do work that is regenerative and healing, would go hand in hand with soil studies. She decided to further her knowledge by studying soil microbiology with Dr. Elaine Ingham from Soil Food Web Inc.  It is with Dr. Ingham’s methodologies and Karen’s unique background that Springtail was born.

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