Microbial Soil Analysis

How healthy is your soil?
Springtail Soil Regeneration offers Microbial Soil Analysis to help you measure your soil health.

Your Soil Health – Why is it important?

In the past several years there has been a flurry of scientific research on microbial life. Soil microorganisms in particular have gained a lot of attention in part because we now know they are critical to plant health. By feeding the microbes in your soil you can help…

  • increase yields
  • decrease water usage
  • increase plant available nutrients
  • increase nutrient retention
  • increase resistance to pests and diseases
  • buffer against drought
  • decrease compaction and erosion
  • and more…

The presence and absence of different types of microorganisms can tell us a lot about your soil health. Knowing what microbes are currently in your soil is the first step towards regenerating your soil health. From there we can help you rebuild a healthy soil microbiology and reap the benefits of having healthy soil.

Let’s rebuild a healthy soil microbiology and reap the benefits of having healthy soil

Our Soil Analysis – What do you get?

We measure and evaluate the active microorganisms in your samples by functional group. These include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. The presence or absence and the ratio of organisms present will tell us all we need to know about your soil health.

Your report includes:

  • Bacterial Biomass
  • Fungal Biomass
  • Fungal to Bacterial Ratio
  • Protozoa functional groups
  • Nematode functional groups
  • Microbial diversity observed
  • Disease organisms observed
  • Recommendations based on findings

If this sounds overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. We’ve also included a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the results of your analysis.

(additional time will be billed at a rate of $25 per 15 minute intervals)

Results are sent via email

Sampling Your Soil

To ensure the most accurate results possible please contact us for sampling and shipping details.

Tests will not be performed without receipt of completed online forms and payment. Please fill out all forms accurately and make complete payment to avoid sample delays.

CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY – we cannot accept soil samples from other countries at this time – sorry for the inconvenience

Shipping costs are your responsibility, Springtail will not accept C.O.D. shipments.